Inbox of Doom

Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 09:45:19 -0400

Hello Matt –

Quickly about myself, I am a tour publicist basically and have handled bands from Tantric to Sebastian Bach to Candlebox to lesser knowns like Cinder Road and Suburban Legends. I love a challenge with baby bands.

I am also the nephew through marriage to Frankie Valli who is my father-in-law’s brother.

I wanted to let you know of several bands that I am currently handling and one that I co-manage that may create some interest for you at Magnet Magazine as I have been trying for some time to get any of the artists I handled in print with you.

I am not sure how you go about getting artists or if you deal with publicists such as myself.

Here are my current projects that I am working on in hopes you have time to consider. If you need a press kit for any or all bands, I can send electronically but did not want to clog up your e-mail with files unless you were interested ….

OTEP – Otep Shamaya and band will be departing on a month long national headline tour to support her 10/28 release THE ASCENSION. ( <> ) Otep is more than an artist but a poet, active and spokesperson. She recently spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

TEMPEREDCAST – I just picked up this sleeper band from Seattle, WA, whose sophomore release REACH featuring the single COMING DOWN to do their tour press as they start a national tour supporting Puddle of Mudd. ( <> )

TANTRIC – they have been out on the road since April in support of their comeback CD THE END BEGINS. Now they are touring with Saliva and Drowning Pool through November. FALLING DOWN is the latest single making a splash at radio, a great follow up to the popular DOWN & OUT. (

– a metal act from Sweden who are supporting the OTEP tour as well as their CD “Switchblade Serenades”. They are kind of like Motley Crue vs Motorhead.

LYNAM – they are currently promoting their latest release TRAGIC CITY SYMPHONY featuring the single SAVE MY SOUL holding around Top 50 in Active Rock and even higher in independent charts. ( <> )

THE KINGS ROYAL – produced by David J Holman of No Doubt, Bush, Simple Plan fame; this band is led by Benny Marchant on vox and the band includes Adam and Sean from Candlebox as well as Pearl Jam’s original drummer, Dave Krusen (from TEN fame). They just completed a 4 month tour with Candlebox and supporting a new CD “BEGINNING” with the single “INVISIBLE”. ( <> ).

FRAMING HANLEY – not doing press for them but am their co-manager since June 1st and I am sure you are seeing on the Active, Alternative and Mainstream Rock charts that they are making noise with their cover of Lil Wayne’s LOLLIPOP – their rock version. Their debut release THE MOMENT will be re-released with this bonus track and the video on November 18th. Demand is going off the charts. ( <> )

If there is a specific person I should be contacting other than yourself, please let me know.

Well that wraps it up and I thank you for your time and hope you can let me know either way.


Doug Weber
New Ocean Media – Publicist