Apples In Stereo Frontman Robert Schneider Makes A Children’s Record

Following a new direction from his internal ADHD compass, Apples In Stereo livewire Robert Schneider has cut an album of children’s music under the name Robbert Bobbert. The LP is due on February 17 via Little Monster Records. If Schneider’s 2005 tour as the Marbles—a one-man rock band/space-age high-school science project that featured Schneider dressed in an aluminum-foil covered space suit straight out of 1936 space-opera serial Flash Gordon—is any indication, Robbert Bobbert shouldn’t be much of a character stretch. Schneider’s Apples have previously cut tracks for Cartoon Network TV staple The Power Puff Girls. Robbert Bobbert & the Bubble Machine will also include a comic book by cartoonist Todd Webb to serve as a calling card for the lovable inventor/scientist, and the tunes have all been test-marketed to Schneider’s seven-year-old son Max, who gave them a thumbs-up. “Kids’ ears are very tuned-in to unusual sounds,” says Schneider, a part-time math whiz who’s twice been a featured speaker at the Mathematical Association of America’s MathFest. “I threw out many of my regular instruments and came up with a whole new palette of colorful noises to make super-pop music that kids will sing along with.”