Grandaddy Clause: Heinz Ketchup

jasonlogoeAfter the dissolution of beloved sci-fi pop outfit Grandaddy in 2006, frontman Jason Lytle left behind California’s blue suburban skies for the peace, quiet and sobriety of Montana. This week, Lytle re-emerges with news of a solo debut and a part-time seasonal job as guest editor for Read our new Q&A with Lytle about his forthcoming album, Yours Truly, The Commuter (Anti-), here.

ketchupcLytle: I like eating good food, but I have a problem with restaurants that don’t serve ketchup because they think there’s something lowly about it. My taste in food is very simple, so a little ketchup goes a long way. I can get a bowl of rice, some crunched-up tortilla chips and some black beans, drown the whole thing in ketchup, and that would be a dream meal to me. And ketchup on steak is incredible! Another favorite that gets some sideways glances is I accidentally discovered that pancakes in syrup with a little ketchup squirted on it is really good. My favorite brand is Heinz because it’s on the cover of The Who Sell Out.

For an in-depth piece on Lytle circa the end of Grandaddy, read our 2006 cover story here.