Lost Classics: Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 “Strangers From The Universe”

tapem200bThey’re nobody’s buzz bands anymore. But since 1993, MAGNET has discovered and documented more great music than memory will allow. The groups may have broken up or the albums may be out of print, but this time, history is written by the losers. Here are some of the finest albums that time forgot but we remembered in issue #75, plus all-new additions to our list of Lost Classics.

Strangers From The Universe // Matador, 1994

thinkingfellers360It’s lofty to claim that a band has no influences and is creating a totally unprecedented sound. Actually, it’s impossible, even with the Thinking Fellers, who were at least indebted to fellow San Franciscans the Residents and British art-fools Henry Cow. Nevertheless, the Thinking Fellers sounded like no other indie-rock band in the early ’90s. Coming on the heels of 1992’s Mother Of All Saints (a sprawling, double-length horror show), Strangers From The Universe was a jump to normalcy for a band that didn’t know “normal.”

Catching Up: Aside from two live performances in 2004, the Thinking Fellers have been inactive since 2001’s Bob Dinners And Larry Noodles Present Tubby Turdner’s Celebrity Avalanche.

“My Pal The Tortoise”:

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