From The Desk Of Cursive’s Tim Kasher: Ladyfinger’s “Dusk”

timlogocCursive frontman Tim Kasher continues his graphic storytelling on sixth album Mama, I’m Swollen, out this week on Saddle Creek. He keeps it blunt and lyrically entertaining on the Omaha group’s moodiest LP yet, with song themes ranging from masturbation to tales starring Pinocchio. Kasher is guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with him.

02lgSure, these guys are on Saddle Creek, and sure, they are buddies, but I promise I wouldn’t be writing about their latest album if I didn’t truly get such a kick out of it. I listen to it all the time, and this is coming from a guy who rarely listens to hard rock. It took me a few days to come up with the adjective of how their chugging guitar sound made me feel … and then it hit me: “gratifying.” I listen to it all the time because I find it aurally gratifying. It has even inspired me to find other gratifying pleasures in my daily routine. I made an incredibly gratifying chili burrito the other day. I find gratification in taking off my shoes and slipping on my slippers. I recently found a non-alcoholic beer to be gratifying, despite it being non-alcoholic. (I understand now how helpful non-alcoholic beer could be for someone on the wagon.) I truly feel that Ladyfinger has helped me appreciate the world around me more. That’s saying a lot. Favorite songs on Dusk are “Little Things” and “Plans.” Really love “Plans.”

“Little Things” (download):