The New York Dolls Finish New Album


The New York Dolls—at least what’s left of them, with the demise of guitarist Johnny Thunders, bassist Arthur “Killer” Kane and a pair of drummers, Jerry Nolan and Billy Murcia—have reunited with original producer Todd Rundgren to crank out a new studio album, ‘Cause I Sez So, due May 5. With Mick Jagger wallowing in somebody’s “dirty, filthy basement on Kentucky Derby day,” David Johansen and Co. picked up the slack in the early ’70s and laid claim to the Stones’ vacated crown as Best Rock Band In The World. Rundgren, who caught plenty of undeserved flak for his knob-twiddling on the Dolls’ self-titled 1973 debut LP (the piano intro on “Personality Crisis,” in particular), wrung the very best out of the cross-dressing New Yorkers, who would soon light the fuse for the punk-rock movement about to take place in both NYC and London. Johansen, original rhythm guitarist Sylvain Sylvain and three replacement Dolls will be washing down lukewarm burritos with Shiner Bock at a SXSW showcase hosted by Smokin’ Music on March 20.

“Personality Crisis”: