From The Desk Of Cursive’s Tim Kasher: “Smother”

timlogocCursive frontman Tim Kasher continues his graphic storytelling on sixth album Mama, I’m Swollen, out this week on Saddle Creek. He keeps it blunt and lyrically entertaining on the Omaha group’s moodiest LP yet, with song themes ranging from masturbation to tales starring Pinocchio. Kasher is guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with him.


So I had seen a trailer for this awful-looking film called Smother, sadly starring Diane Keaton, whom I still respect and adore despite her not making it easy for us over the last 10 years. I saw the trailer quite a while back, but it never seemed to hit theaters, so naturally I forgot about it. Forgot about it until a month or so ago when it popped up as a Lifetime original—or exclusive or however they billed it—movie. Lifetime? It wound up debuting on Lifetime?! Wow, it must be even worse than the terrible trailer lets on … I couldn’t wait. So, here’s the catch: It’s actually pretty good. Or, at least, a hell of a lot better than a Lifetime premiere, a hell of a lot better than a ton of shitty comedies that hit the big screen. Dax Shepard also stars in it, and now I really like Dax Shepard. And Mike White is in it, who I’ve always liked. And the craziest thing about this small, completely overlooked comedy? It’s the best role Keaton has had in I can’t imagine how many years! Since 1987’s Baby Boom?! I’m probably forgetting something in the ’90s, but I personally wouldn’t include The Godfather Part III or Something’s Gotta Give as inspired roles. Privy to Baby Boom, close to my heart. Moral of the story? Don’t watch the trailer for Smother—it’s terrible! This film must be an example of good filmmakers teamed up with a bad production company, because the trailer advertises all the worst aspects of an otherwise decent film. They also seemed incapable of marketing this film in any way whatsoever. I think this current campaign I’m writing is likely the biggest one Smother has yet to have. To be safe, I might suggest you watch this film hungover with not much else to do that afternoon. I don’t want to blow this pitch with lofty expectations. Thank you for hearing me out.

This concludes “Tim Kasher Week” here at Thanks to Tim for writing about some really cool things, especially all the movie-related stuff. Be sure to check out Cursive’s new album, Mama, I’m Swollen.