Grand Duchy Cultural Position #5: “Atomic Ranch” Magazine

grandlogo150c2120bcGrand Duchy is the latest venture from Charles Thompson (a.k.a Frank Black, a.k.a. Black Francis). It’s a duo with his wife Violet Clark that explores relatively off-road terrain for Thompson: high-gloss new wave and vampish synth pop. Grand Duchy’s playful and slightly Euro-affected debut album, Petits Four, is out April 14 on Cooking Vinyl. Thompson and Clark are guest editing this week. Read our Q&A with them.

atomicmag525We’re with Jonathan Adler on this one: Our homes should make us happy. Violet Clark and Black Francis have spent a few years transforming their house into a deeply personal expression of their tastes, whims and lifestyle. From the ’60s plastic molded hand chair at the entrance to the zigzag wallpaper to the art and books strewn everywhere to the karaoke machine to the custom concrete ‘trike track out back, our home is founded on joy, art and cultural edification.

Atomic Ranch magazine, likewise, celebrates homes and homeowners who haven’t lost their sense of humor or hunger for happiness. Although it’s technically a magazine for retro-heads and their vintage-y home decor, we find that even if you do not subscribe to the mid-century look in your own home (we adore mid-century everything but are all over the map in our own decorating), your actual brain will feel massaged and elated flipping through this magazine. The bright colors, clear geometric shapes and space-age references ooze optimism!