MP3 At 3PM: John Vanderslice

johnvandeslice370It’s entirely possible that “Fetal Horses” is John Vanderslice‘s answer to the Stones’ “Wild Horses.” The track from Vanderslice’s forthcoming album Romanian Names (Dead Oceans, due May 19) makes it clear he’s the anti-Mick. Instead of refusing to be dragged away from love, he’s galloping in circles trying not to get involved. Vanderslice, who operates the famously all-analog studio Tiny Telephone in San Francisco (host over the years to Spoon, Death Cab and Beulah—holler at us, Miles Kurosky, because you are missed—and others), just finished a tour with the Mountain Goats and will hit the road again in May. Follow him following Shaq on his Twitter page.

“Fetal Horses” (download):