From The Desk Of Mac McCaughan: Music Hall MMF 2.1 Turntable

mac_mccaughanlogo110bbOutdated reference point or not, the anti-apathy sentiment on Superchunk‘s sophomore single “Slack Motherfucker” still seems characteristic of Mac McCaughan 20 years after he wrote it. The recently dormant Superchunk is moving again, and McCaughan also fills his time with Portastatic and co-ownership of Merge Records. As if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, McCaughan is guest editing this week.


McCaughan: I’ve got a lot of records, but for years, I kept buying pawn-shop turntables that looked cool and played records for crap. Motors died, belts broke, records skipped. Then I went out and got a brand new turntable after reading up a bit; I went with the bottom-rung Music Hall, and it rules. Even my most beat-up and warped records play great, and it’s a joy. It’s hard keeping the one-and-a-half-year-old away from the spinning black disc with the colorful paper in the middle, but I think he’s beginning to understand that it’s not a DJ turntable.