From The Desk Of David Lowery: Matt And Kim

lowery110dDavid Lowery has maintained a healthy career as a split musical personality. When he isn’t playing laconic country-tinged pop with his band of 25 years, Camper Van Beethoven, he’s thrashing away at his guitar as the frontman for Cracker, the rock outfit that’s releasing its 10th studio album, Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey, this week. Lowery adds another line to his resume as he guest edits all week. Read our Q&A with him.


Lowery: It appears that Matt And Kim are also considered a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, ensemble. They fooled me because they don’t dress like homeless people, don’t have elaborate facial hair and just seem like genuinely nice and happy people. So happy, in fact, that when I first saw Matt And Kim at an Athens, Ga., house party, I immediately started scanning the crowd to see who was supplying the X. Kim plays drums like a drum machine—like she heard a song with drum machine, thought it was a real drummer, then taught herself to play that way. She didn’t know it wasn’t humanly possible. Did I mention how happy they are? Song: “Daylight.” I love this track.

“Daylight” (download):