From The Desk Of The Meat Puppets: Fela Kuti

meat4logo100cTo have Cris Kirkwood back as the bassist of the Meat Puppets is nothing short of a miracle. The band he founded with his guitarist/vocalist brother Curt in 1980 broke up in 1996 due to Cris’ addiction to heroin and crack cocaine. In the ensuing years, Cris’ life spiraled far out of his control as he lost his wife to a drug overdose and spent 18 months in prison for attacking a post-office security guard. Now, almost four years clean and sober, Cris is gearing up to hit the road in support of the band’s 12th studio album, Sewn Together. Before he does, Cris will spend the week guest editing Read our new Q&A with Cris and our 2007 career overview of the Meat Puppets.


Cris Kirkwood: In the late ’80s, I was fortunate enough to catch the late, utterly great Fela Kuti in concert in Tucson. Always one of my favorites, it was just so fucking cool that I got to see him live. Then, as an unexpected and thoroughly delightful bonus, after an amazing show, it turned out that Fela wanted to smoke a little grass, and the promoters knew that I was—how shall I put this—a serious fucking pothead, so they asked me if I would get him high. What a treat, to dig the music of someone who’s from such a different world than your own that he almost seems like some sort of mythical creature and then to get to hang with him. It’s like getting stoned with a unicorn or one of the Wee Folk; yeah, that’s the ticket. I took a bud for the drive back to Phoenix and laid the rest of my bag on him. Far-out, man. Signed, Stoner Fanboy. YouTube video after the jump.