In The News: Guided By Voices, Neko Case, Andrew Bird, Frank Zappa, Xiu Xiu And Free MP3s

gbvnews350The hardest working man in show business, Robert Pollard has yet another Suitcase record due for release in December on GBV Inc. This third and, allegedly, final Suitcase effort will again feature 100 songs, including leftovers from the upcoming Elephant Jokes and acoustic tracks from Guided By VoicesBee Thousand/Alien Lanes era. Fanboys, start your salivating. Download “Somewhere Sometime” … Everyone’s favorite chanteuse Neko Case has announced summer tour dates starting May 28 in Boulder, Colo., and ending with a Lollapalooza set in Chicago August 9. The earlier shows in the run feature support from Calexico’s Joey Burns and John Convertino and Jason Lytle, formerly of Grandaddy. Download “People Got A Lotta Of Nerve”Andrew Bird continues to flog his popular Noble Beast with summer gigs (some in support of the Decemberists) as well as an appearance on the Conan O’Brien-hosted Tonight Show on July 7. Download “Oh No”Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band will be the final major act to play Giants Stadium. (We’re not sure if there are non-major acts scheduled to play there post-Boss.) The shows are September 30 and October 2-3. Tickets go on sale June 1 … Looking for digital versions of Frank Zappa records? We know: Who isn’t? Well, will be entering the digital age with the 41st anniversary release of Mothermania, available in mp3 and lossless FLAC format for you audiophiles. For an extra $10, Dweezil Zappa will play you some hot licks over the phone … Nick Lowe’s The Impossible Bird (1994), Dig My Mood (1998) and The Convincer (2001) have been re-released as the limited-edition Brentford Trilogy (Yep Roc). The CDs come packaged together in what is being called a “handsome” box, complete with a book of photos and a new interview with Lowe. The catch? Fans have only until June 23 to order it; after that, it’ll only be available digitally … Multi-instrumentalist Caralee McElroy has left indie experimentalists Xiu Xiu, citing personal reasons. The band soldiers on with a new record due in early 2010. Download “I Do What I Want When I Want” … Here’s a chicken/egg question to ponder: What’s more amazing—that Ted Nugent has lasted long enough to play 6,000 shows or that people still pay to see him? Perhaps you can ponder that query while watching Motor City Mayhem (June 30, Eagle Rock Entertainment), the live DVD/Blu-ray release that documents the Nuge’s July 4, 2008, Detroit concert that was, indeed, his 6,000th kick-ass gig … Whether you find They Might Be Giants funny or annoying—we change our minds daily—we have to give the New York duo credit for a home run on one score. Inspired by coaches (also TMBG fans) of a Seattle Little League team dubbing their squad They Might Be Giants, the band is offering to sponsor teams across the country with free T-shirts; find out more here. “If a pizza parlor or a supermarket can sponsor a team,” said John Flansburgh, “why can’t a rock band?” Download “Withered Hope” (live)

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