Rhett Miller’s Superfriends: Nathan Fillion

rhettmillerlogo100cc2We asked Old 97’s frontman Rhett Miller to guest edit magnetmagazine.com this week, and he pawned it off on a bunch of his famous friends: other musicians, actors, writers and comedians. Well played, Rhett. But you can’t hide behind a self-titled solo album. Rhett Miller (Shout! Factory), a Beatlesque beauty featuring Jon Brion, is out this week.

blueant_supertooth500Nathan Fillion plays Richard Castle on ABC’s comedy/drama Castle, which just got picked up for a second season. Congrats, Nathan. Now, why are you so mad at the MAGNET readers? Nathan Fillion recommends:

BlueAnt Supertooth Light
Dear Asshole,
I just drove past your fancy car, and you almost hit me because you were too busy holding your phone to your head. All that money and you can’t afford a $10 headset? Let me set you straight: BlueAnt Supertooth Light. I’ve tried many, and this was the best, without draining the wallet. Now quit being a douche.