From The Desk Of The Jescos’ James Jackson Toth And Timothy Bracy: Jail

JescoGiven MAGNET’s detailed coverage of the end of the Mendoza Line—a beloved, ragtag countrypolitan bar band that went up in flames in 2007—it only seems fitting that we have plenty of access to the formation of the Jescos, the new group featuring the Mendoza Line’s Timothy Bracy and Wooden Wand’s James Jackson Toth, as well as Bracy’s wife, singer Elizabeth Nelson. Bracy has found his rambling pub-rock foil in Toth on the forthcoming Remembrance Of Things Trashed, a debut album that guts it out for rock ‘n’ roll glory. Read our Q&A with Toth and Bracy.


Timothy Bracy (And Elizabeth Nelson): We don’t know anything really about Jail, except that they have a new record out right now called There’s No Sky (Oh, My My) that they sent to us at the behest of mutual friend Barry. The lead singer’s got a cool-sounding voice, and the songs are absolutely great. Their sound has elements of Let It Be-era Replacements and touches of Big Star, and that’s enough to put us in the tank for these guys. We’d recommend giving them some horns and epaulets and setting them out on the road with all due expediency. (That’s what you give rock stars, right?)

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