Take Cover! The Beach Boys Vs. Frank Black

When is a cover song better than the original? Only you can decide. This week: Frank Black takes on the Beach Boys’ “I Know There’s An Answer” (a.k.a. “Hang On To Your Ego”). MAGNET’s Edward Fairchild pulls the pin. Take cover!

Frank Black pumps Brian Wilson’s dreamy bedroom tune into a dance number. Later released as a bonus track for the Pet Sounds reissue, the original version of “Hang On To Your Ego” was changed to “I Know There’s An Answer” before the album’s final release over fears it would associate the band with LSD. Mike Love was behind the change: “The prevailing drug jargon at the time had it that doses of LSD would shatter your ego, as if that were a positive thing,” he said. “I wasn’t interested in taking acid or getting rid of my ego.” Check out the psychedelic video from Black:

The Cover:

The Original:

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