Choir Of Young Believers Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


There’s true faith behind tracks such as Charlatans UK/Beach Boys conglomeration “Action Reaction” and the bare, ruined orchestral pop of “Next Summer” (download or stream below), both selections from This Is For The White In Your Eyes, the stateside debut from Copenhagen’s Choir Of Young Believers. Primary choir member Jannis Noya Makrigiannis made MAGNET a mix tape that’s got heartbreak to the high heavens.

“Action Reaction” (download)

“Next Summer” (download):

The Ramones “I Don’t Care”
I’m a huge Ramones fan, and I love all the songs off the first four records. It’s so simple and so powerful at the same time, and I love how the deadpan lyrics seem so wise. (Or maybe I’m just a deadpan.)

Chris Bell “You And Your Sister”
I’m a big fan of heartbreaky love songs that make you feel all teeny and fragile. This one is a killer.

Deradoorian “You Carry The Deed”
My girlfriend really likes Deradoorian a lot. At first, I didn’t get the whole R&B thing she is doing with her vocals, but now I like it a lot and think it is kind of special—kind of a R&B/folk thing.

The Byrds “You Ain’t Going Nowhere”
The Byrds playing Bob Dylan and heavily influenced by Gram Parsons. I’m a big fan of all three, so this song is, of course, a big hit with me. Lately, I have had a bit of a weak spot for ’60s country rock/pop, which also explains the next song

Glen Campbell “Wichita Lineman”

I Got You On Tape “Spinning For The Cause”
This is a new song from this Danish act. Jacob Bellens, who sings, has an amazing voice and writes really good lyrics.

First Floor Power “Eat The Rich”
One of my all-time favorite bands. They are Swedish and have done three albums, and this song is from second album Nerves and has some very good lyrics like “Eat the rich, but be sure to cook them first/And drink a bottle of water so you don’t die of thirst.” The guy who sings this song is called Karl-Jonas, and he also has a solo project called Blood Music, which is fantastic as well.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums “The Way Things Go”
I think I saw this band live 10 times last year, and they blew my mind every time. It’s just a drummer and a singer, and although they do this crazy mix of soul, punk, pop, avant garde, jazz and a whole lot more, it just seems like the most natural thing. It is very primal music.

White Magic “Plain Gold Ring”
Hardcore heartaches—and out of this world!

Traening “In My Arms”
Long-gone Danish indie band. They have that heartbreaky love-song thing going as well and I can’t get enough of it!

Bob Hund “Mer Än Så Kan Ingen Bli”
One of the best rock bands ever!

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