MP3 At 3PM: Har Mar Superstar

hmsshair4052On first glance, Har Mar Superstar might look like more of a joke than a pop star. With a, shall we say, robust physique and a passing resemblance to porn star Ron Jeremy, Har Mar (a.k.a. Sean Tillmann) is bringing sexy back in a defiantly unique way. But give the man credit; he knows his way around a hook. Sure “Tall Boy,” a glossy disco confection from the upcoming Dark Touches (out October 13), might sound like a Britney Spears number. (Tillmann originally penned the track for Spears, who declined to record it.) But with its playful lyrics and a beat that’s more infectious than swine flu, “Tall Boy” gets down to some serious pop business.

“Tall Boy” (download):