From The Desk Of The Rentals’ Matt Sharp: Nickel Eye’s “The Time Of The Assassins”

mattsharplogobThe multimedia Songs About Time is an ongoing project from the Rentals, the revolving-door band founded 15 years ago by then Weezer bassist Matt Sharp. Songs About Time finds Sharp and Co. collaborating with a cast of about 50 filmmakers, designers, producers, editors and artists. They began this year-long experiment January 1 and have since made a new black-and-white film every week, not to mention documenting the process with a daily photo diary and recording three mini-albums. (All of this content can be found on the band’s website.) As if Sharp wasn’t busy enough, he is also guest editing all week. Read his introduction.


Sharp: In between rehearsals for the Strokes’ new album and as he prepares to run the New York City marathon, Nikolai Fraiture and I have shared some of the most absurd and funny text messages of all time. I can remember in one text he asked me: “So, when the detective in the aquarium is asking questions, should he be speaking in a casual or formal tense?” And I wrote back something like, “I would think if a detective was in an aquarium talking to a fish, it should be most likely be formal, don’t you think?” He would reply something like, “Yes, if it’s a detective is talking to a fish, I think we should make it formal” You see, Nikolai has been translating and recording these French narrations for the films we’ve been releasing these past few months. He even coached me through my own attempt at recording a French voiceover. His unwavering support of the project even when he’s had a million other things to do has truly meant a great deal to me. You should check out The Time Of The Assassins, the album Nikolai released (under the Nickel Eye moniker) on Rykodisc in January.