From The Desk Of The Rentals’ Matt Sharp: Emilie Simon’s “The Big Machine”

mattsharplogobThe multimedia Songs About Time is an ongoing project from the Rentals, the revolving-door band founded 15 years ago by then Weezer bassist Matt Sharp. Songs About Time finds Sharp and Co. collaborating with a cast of about 50 filmmakers, designers, producers, editors and artists. They began this year-long experiment January 1 and have since made a new black-and-white film every week, not to mention documenting the process with a daily photo diary and recording three mini-albums. (All of this content can be found on the band’s website.) As if Sharp wasn’t busy enough, he is also guest editing all week. Read his introduction.

emiliesimonSharp: Just when you are settling in and getting comfortable. Just when you feel that you are pushing yourself hard as you possibly can. Just when you start thinking that you may finally be getting somewhere with all this photography, film and music nonsense. Just at that moment, someone’s perfect song enters the room and knock you sideways, just to let you know, ”Actually, you need to dig a little deeper and try to go a little further.” Emilie Simon’s new album, The Big Machine, is the sound of someone with a tremendous gift digging a little deeper and going a little further. I could say a lot more, but I should let you discover it for yourself. The Big Machine will be released in France on September 21. Video after the jump.