MP3 At 3PM: Think About Life

thinkablife66If Think About Life isn’t the biggest band in the indie universe by now, well, it’s just proof that god works in mysterious ways. One of Montreal’s best kept secrets, Think About Life went for the big leagues with its sophomore release, Family, released in May on Alien8 Recordings. Thanks to numbers like “Johanna,” the band is (very nearly) there. “Johanna,” which you can download below, is a typically fabulous Think About Life number: ebullient, ecstatic, with just a hint of punk-rock style. Thanks to frontman Martin Cesar’s yelping vocals, always vaguely reminiscent of Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke, “Johanna” is instantly memorable and impossibly cool. And here’s a bonus mp3 for “Havin’ My Baby.”

“Johanna” (download):

“Havin’ My Baby” (download):