Devendra Banhart’s Dearest Friends: 60 Videos, Part 4

DEVANDRALOGOWith the release of major-label debut What Will We Be (Warner Bros.), Devendra Banhart proves once again he has the potential to be one of his generation’s major players. His voice, with its careening vibrato and fuse-blowing intensity, sounds something like Marc Bolan’s, but his repertoire may be more all over the map than anyone making records today. He combines a love of arcane folk music with hard-rocking psychedelia and an ability to sing beautifully in English or Spanish, a skill he learned growing up in Caracas, Venezuela. He refers to himself, jokingly, as a “fake hippie,” but he appears to be the real thing, a refreshing return to the revolutionary thinking that once seemed capable of changing the course of human events. Who’s to say it couldn’t happen again? Banhart is guest editing Read our Q&A with him. For his posts this week, Banhart will be sharing 60 videos that are dear to his heart.

Joseph Spence With Louise Spence
Again, and as usual, it was Andy Cabic who turned me on to Joseph Spence. One of the many gems that Sam Charters recorded on his trip to the Caribbean. “Happy All The Time” is on constant rotation around the house.

Jana Hunter
One of my favorite singers and songwriters ever; we love you Jana. Powerwoman adores you!

James Blackshaw
One of the new signings to Michael Gira’s Young God Records. This guy is suuuuuccchhhhhh anaaaaammmaazzzziinnnggg guitar player. He’s also equally as adroit on piano. Check it out!

Jackie-O Motherfucker
A heartbreaker from the fathers of East Coast awe-inspiring awesomeness. A collective that has always done it right.