MP3 At 3PM: The Ghost Is Dancing

ghostisdancing4547The Ghost Is Dancing is for the listener who isn’t bothered by indie pop/rock. If you aren’t a fan, that’s fine. If you are, fantastic, stay tuned. And if you’re sometimes maybe into the occasional upbeat tune, this one certainly qualifies as a worthy exception to your moody collection. That is, if you enjoy the kind of indie pop that could act as the soundtrack to a rowdy, herb-filled road trip, the freedom-packed and uninhibited activities of a friendly house party or maybe an impromptu race up to a rooftop with a case of beer. The title track from the Toronto band’s latest LP, Battles On, is an anthem that gets your endorphins pumping. Its buoyant vocals and dramatic instrumental build-ups give way to a feeling of youthful splendor. This song begs you to be doing something epic when listening to it.

“Battles On” (download):