They Might Be Guest Editors: Classic Television Showbiz

TMBGlogoIf you seek proof of the theory of evolution, consider They Might Be Giants. Over the course of three decades, the duo of John Linnell and John Flansburgh learned how to adapt and thrive in an increasingly hostile musical environment. TMBG diversified early and often, from its Dial-A-Song project and TV theme songs (Malcolm In The Middle) to podcasts and, more recently, a string of successful children’s albums, books and DVDs. TMBG’s latest children’s album, Here Comes Science, is a fun and surprisingly educational foray into the world of elements, planets, photosynthesis, electric cars and, yes, evolution. The duo is guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with Linnell.


Flansburgh: Take in 10 minutes of the slightly random set of clips on Classic Television Showbiz and you’ll probably find yourself with more perspective on mid-20th-century American culture than a dozen episodes on the Biography Channel. Wooly and wide open, this blog is curated by WFMU contributor Kliph Nesteroff. I’m not sure how many of the posts are from his collection, but the cultural effluvia he posts is endlessly entertaining.