God’s Pottery Tour Diary, Part 1

1_ChopSueyGod’s Pottery is a New York-based Christian singing duo that achieved national recognition via its appearance last year on the TV show Last Comic Standing. Jeremiah Smallchild and Gideon Lamb spread their gospel through original songs such as “The Pants Come Off When The Ring Goes On” and “Jesus I Need A Drink.” Not content to testify just with its music, God’s Pottery decided to write a teen survival guide that would speak to today’s youth, Christian or otherwise. What Would God’s Pottery Do?: The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Your Teens And/Or Being Successful! (Three Rivers Press) tackles the tough issues, including acne, deafness, evolution and the evils lurking on the Internet. Smallchild and Lamb recently toured the U.S. and kept a tour bible, er, diary for MAGNET. And remember, kids: virginity rocks!

“The Pants Come Off When The Ring Goes On” (download):

Seattle, November 5
Our tour began in Seattle. Or as we like to call it, “Our favorite city with a two-stop monorail!” Now, we’re not trying to boast, but when we travel, we often stay in hotels … and have our own beds! Such was the case in Seattle, so before heading out for the “gig,” we dropped our stuff off and made good use of the complimentary coffee machine and water fountain.

Then, it was off to Chop Suey, which sounds like either a delicious restaurant or rollicking Jackie Chan movie but is actually a music and comedy club! Of course, for our show it was a music club. (We’re not really comedians, though we do like to have fun along with our teachings.) There was a big weather system moving through Seattle that night, and we actually almost got caught in a hailstorm! This led to a fun game of other rhyming storms it might be fun to get caught in. Gideon suggested a “whalestorm,” but Jeremiah counseled him that that could actually be quite dangerous, what with all the whales falling from the sky. We decided that a “malestorm” might be the best, since it’s always great to chill with the guys and just “let it all hang out.”

We had a great show to kick off the tour and really got through to some of the Youth in attendance! Just look at this photo! Talk about making a difference!