MP3 At 3PM: “A Frog Stand Christmas”

clareandthereasonsdance2383The holiday season is always accompanied by the never-ending cavalcade of the same few Christmas songs that are played over and over again to the point of severe nausea. No matter where you go or what you do this time of year, you are subject to suffer the constant barrage of these hackneyed holiday tunes. Luckily the folks at Frog Stand Records are here to assuage the auditory assault. They have enlisted Clare And The Reasons (pictured; “Blue Christmas”), Josh Mease (“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”) and Musée Mécanique (“White Christmas”) to record their own renditions of Christmas classics for A Frog Stand Christmas. The EP finally provides a much-needed breath of fresh air into the holidays. Download all three tracks below.

“Blue Christmas” (download):

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” (download):

“White Christmas” (download):

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