Clipd Beaks Make MAGNET A Mix Tape


After two woozy, psychedelic, and often–claustrophobic records that touched upon their great potential (2006’s Preyers EP and 2007’s Hoarse Lords), the Oakland-based Clipd Beaks have birthed something pretty damn amazing. To Realize is a turning-point. A record of personal and artistic growth. Sonically expansive, lyrically profound, and deeply moving. It recalls the societal hangover depicted in the great California rock records of the early 70’s, while sitting firmly in the noisy, chaotic present day. It’s a tribute to love, to moving forward, to rejecting doom. To Realize places itself as a beacon of sprawling, humanist hope in an increasingly digital world. Anyone who still believes in the transformative power of Rock n’ Roll will recognize it in this record.
“Sounds perfectly fuzzed to these ears” – Stereogum
“Wildly danceable, postpunk mania” – Time Out
“Beneath the caustic bass and smeared keyboards lies some serious,
seriously damaged songwriting” – The Onion

Clipd Beaks just released its sophomore album, To Realize (Lovepump United). The 11-track LP mixes psychedelic rock with chaotic noise, drone-y post-punk and sonic experimentation. When the Oakland trio submitted its mix tape to us, the boys included this note: “We had a great time putting this together and appreciate the opportunity. We picked out songs that are close to our hearts and share similar themes as the ones we’ve presented on our new record. Enjoy.” We’re sure you will as much as we do.

“Blood” (download):

Royal Trux “Follow The Winner”
Royal Trux have got that “we’re in our own world and don’t give a fuck” attitude that we also ascribe to. This one’s about winning.

Johnny Thunder “I’m Alive”
Ever since we first heard this track, it has been our go-to song for feeling awesome/loving life. Johnny’s performance on this just cuts through all the bullshit and kills you. You are reborn. Video

Primal Scream “Don’t Fight It, Feel It”
Clipd Beaks love Primal Scream! They just might be the first band we bonded over when we first started playing together; it was more or less our anthem! “Don’t Fight It” is one of many favorites of ours by this band. Video

Mu “Let’s Get Sick”
We have no idea what she is saying. There are sirens, a great beat with great energy and an amazing R&B breakdown. This is the 2000s at its best. Video

High On Fire “Rumors Of War”
Gotta love how the lyrics can be taken at face value, as a protest of war and evil in the world, yet they are vague enough so that they might actually be about a personal war/struggle with evil. Either way, Matt Pike is the real deal. Video

P.M. Dawn “Paper Doll”
We have, at times, claimed to be the P.M. Dawn of noise rock. (Thanks, Greg.) We get a lot of shit for liking P.M. Damn. But they were wearing muumuus and rapping about existentialism in 1991. Who else was doing this? Maybe there were some others, but I doubt they were wearing muumuus. The vocals alone just sound heavenly. Video

David Bowie “Lady Grinning Soul”
Amazing love song. Very descriptive and the all-around color is warm. It’s pretty grandiose, and the melodies are lush. Video

John Lennon “Mother”
This is sincerity at it’s best. This is rock. Video

Pink Floyd “Fearless”
Peaceful defiance. “And I’ll climb that hill in my on way, just wait around for the right day.” Video

Nirvana “Sappy”
“And if you save yourself, you will make him happy.” Video

John Frusciante “Wind Up Space”
One of Nick’s guitar heros. Here’s a track from John’s To Record Only Water For Ten Days album, a really powerful introspective record that you should check out if you are unfamiliar. Video

The Beatles “In My Life”
This is one of the most poignant songs about reflection ever written. Don’t forget where and who it came from!! Video

Smashing Pumpkins “Suffer”
This band’s early output pretty much sealed our fate as rockers. “All that you suffer is all that you are.” Video

The KLF “Build A Fire”
Party boys chill out. We’re gunna build a fire. The KLF and all their various incarnations have been a huge influence on us. They literally built a fire and burned all their money in it. For real. Video

Basement Jaxx “Breakaway”
Taking every day lament and making it sound celebratory and making it sound like Flyte Time productions is transcendental. Video

Depeche Mode “Clean”
The overall sound of this song is quite dark, but lyrically it’s empowering. Video

Beck “Blackhole”
Let’s end this with a song that tells you that everything is going to be OK as it envelopes you in giant slow-motion waves of blackness. Video