Fred Schneider Hams It Up: Moog

fredSchneiderlogoFred Schneider has been partying out of bounds as the male mouthpiece of the B-52s since the late ’70s. Through that band’s commercial success and longevity, Schneider’s goofy, new-wave jester shtick has evolved into an iconic voice that’s now an inspiration to younger artists. Schneider’s latest project, the Superions, showcases both his supreme silliness (“Who Threw That Ham At Me?” is one of his most riotous efforts) and influence (the Superions’ debut EP, Totally Nude Island, features remixes by four Athens, Ga., bands). Along with fellow Superions Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall, Schneider has delivered a handful of songs that combine sex, sci-fi, shoplifting and a dance called the Disco Garbage Can. Schneider will be guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with him.


Schneider: I like just about any Moog album, 90 percent of which probably aren’t gonna be re-released. Ever. Dick Hyman‘s LPs on command, and especially the Perrey-Kingsley works (on CD now). Who wouldn’t love a crazy song titled “Barnyard In Orbit”? Working since the ’50s, Jean-Jacques Perrey is still making great albums in collaboration with younger Moog aficionados. Video after the jump.