MP3 At 3PM: Fang Island

FangIsland453More “easy listening” from prog rockers Fang Island. The Brooklyn outfit, fond of upbeat anthems and power chords, is set to unveil its self-titled sophomore album on Tuesday via Sargent House. Already causing a commotion, “Daisy” is well worth the buzz. Its electro-organ intro, accompanied by chanted vocals, eases into sophisticated fretwork that soars. Somewhere between the Power Rangers theme song and pop/punk at its best, “Daisy” will make you slam dance, hug your best friend and high-five someone you don’t know. Ending almost choral with delicate blips from outer space, this track is totally rad. Download “Daisy” below. And here’s a bonus mp3 for “Life Coach.”

“Daisy” (download):

“Life Coach” (download):