What Makes Adam Green Act So Bad: Infamy

adamgreenlogoNew Yorker Adam Green started out his career as one half the Moldy Peaches, who had a surprise retroactive hit thanks to 2007 film Juno. But by that time, Green was already a well-established solo artist, veering away from his old band’s endearing anti-folk territory with a style characterized by vulgar and cheeky lyrics while keeping listeners at an arm’s length. That’s not to say Green’s music (and life) hasn’t undergone its fair share of turbulence and change in the ensuing years, however. And he is certainly in a different place from the last time we spoke with him, as evidenced by his sixth solo album, Minor Love, released in February on Fat Possum. Recorded while living in an L.A. pool house in near-isolation, Minor Love shows us a more stripped-down, intimate side of the singer/songwriter. Green will be guest editing magnetmagazine.com all week. Read our brand new Q&A with him.

Billy_the_Kid2Green: If I die during this record-cycle, I hope that people will not try and pretend that I was a good person. Everything I did was because I hated God. When I wasn’t being an asshole to you directly, I was googling myself on the Internet like an arrogant prick. I only made music to make you feel bad that you didn’t have any talent. I probably bossed you around and paid you money just to do stupid things that amused me. If something good happened in your life, I didn’t care about it. At best it could be said that I did everything just to get laid, but the truth is that it’s because I was bored, and that’s worse. Video after the jump.