Radar Brothers Make MAGNET A Mix Tape


More often than not, when a band splits up, we are forced to bid it a fond farewell and are left only with our old records and memories. However, if that band is Radar Bros., we only have to wait a couple years before it returns with a new name, lineup and album. Yes, Radar Brothers are back, featuring original singer/guitarist Jim Putnam with his two new partners, bassist Be Hussey and drummer Stevie Treichel. After spending some time on tour and building a tight bond, the band began to write new material, and on March 23, Merge will release The Illustrated Garden. To celebrate, here’s a mix tape Putnam made for MAGNET.

“Horses Warriors” (download):

“For The Birds” (download):

Elvis Costello And The Attractions “Beyond Belief
Beautifully quirky song that rocks. Drummer Pete Thomas earned his paycheck that day, as well. Video

Warpaint “Elephants”
Local L.A. faves with the sounds you need. Video

Alice Coltrane (Turiyasangitananda) “Om Supreme”
Pure ’70s Guru California. Video

Lou Reed “Satellite Of Love”
Because it came up the other day, and it’s great. Video

Kevin Ayers “Butterfly Dance”
When this song kicks in and I’m driving, I can’t help but to crank the volume and beat the crap outta my steering wheel.

Mission Of Burma “Einstein’s Day”
A gut-wrenchingly beautiful song I heard as a youngster in the early ’80s just after watching the TV movie The Day After. Powerful moment. Video

Dennis Wilson “Moonshine”
The voice of a dying man at its most beautiful. The Beach Boys should have recorded more of his songs. Video

Caetano Veloso & Gal Costa “Coração Vagabundo”
Laid-back vocal perfection. Video

Leonard Cohen “Sisters Of Mercy”
What can we say? It’s Leonard Fucking Cohen. Video

Tom Waits “Innocent When You Dream”
Perfect mix-tape number. I like it as the last song. Video

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