MP3 At 3PM: Grovesnor

grovesnor2401While the belligerent heat of summer bore down across the East Coast in 2007, we were introduced to Hot Chip’s DJ-Kicks mix, an unconventional compilation of techno, party hip hop and soul classics that kicked off with “Nitemoves” by Grovesnor. An achingly smooth track with new-wave and pop sensibility, “Nitemoves” took cues from the recent past without becoming kitschy, making it the perfect opening track for a mix that celebrated timeless cuts from the mainstream and underground with equal vigor. Grovesnor (a.k.a. Hot Chip’s Rob Smoughton) continues this nuanced approach on “Taxi From The Aiport,” a sprightly, clavichord-driven nod to Hall & Oats and “Part-Time Lover”-era Stevie Wonder that escapes becoming an easy target by building upon, rather than co-opting, the pop methodologies of those ever-consistent ’80s icons. “Taxi From The Airport” is the first single from Soft Return, Grovesnor’s debut LP, which arrives May 25 on Lo Recordings.

“Taxi From The Airport (Radio Edit)” (download):