MP3 At 3PM: Mi Ami

miami5348In our digital-music economy, it can sometimes be difficult to become genuinely excited about new music, as a deluge of mp3s and tastemakers continually stare us down with an unrepentant look. Thankfully, though, no matter the medium, the cream stills rises to the top. Such is the case with Mi Ami‘s “Latin Lover,” a track that soars viciously and confidently from its inception, unleashing a rambunctious amount of ideas with punk-rock fervor that only become more interesting as the song’s six-plus minutes wear on. Recalling the oft-referenced smart, obtuse guitar work and dub/dance rhythms of Fugazi, Q And Not U and !!!, Mi Ami has done its peers one better, producing the element of surprise in a culture that increasingly rewards redundancy. “Latin Lover” comes from the awesomely titled Steal Your Face, out now on Thrill Jockey.

“Latin Lover” (download):