MP3 At 3PM: Venice Is Sinking

veniceissinking4172It’s not a shock that Venice Is Sinking regards the gauzy dream pop of Galaxie 500 as a formative influence. On its upcoming live album, Sand & Lines: The Georgia Theatre Sessions (One Percent Press), the Athens, Ga., band pays homage to the essential slowcore legends by covering their first single, “Tugboat.” Frontman Daniel Lawson’s vocals are a dead ringer for Dean Wareham’s, and the rest of the group’s admiration for the source material not only comes out in the mix but in the performances as well. This doesn’t just sound like the original, it feels like the original. Venice Is Sinking expands upon it by including a lilting, elegiac horn section and percussion that utilizes a driving, though comforting, sleigh bell. The whole affair has a late-night warmth that seems like a midnight absinthe buzz. And here’s a bonus mp3 for “Falls City.”

“Tugboat” (download):

“Falls City” (download):