Jason Falkner Don’t Mind: Mud Coffee

falknerlogo2Even though he likes to pick and chose his projects carefully, Jason Falkner has had an amazing run of recording dates—both on solo albums and as a sideman with the likes of Beck, Air and Paul McCartney—that would turn most musicians pea green. And Falkner has also been a crucial part of critically lauded releases by ’90s indie-rock heroes Eric Matthews, the Grays and Jellyfish, as well as getting his feet wet with original Paisley Underground cult combo the Three O’Clock. Falkner has a stellar solo set due out this summer called All Quiet On The Noise Floor that threatens to pass his previous solo release, I’m OK, You’re OK (from February), like a slow runner being lapped on the bases by a real speedburner. Falkner is guest editing magnetmagazine.com all week. Read our Q&A with him and our 2008 Jellyfish feature.


Falkner: Straight outta NYC and on a mission to wake yer ass up! I was just in New York, and yes, I would imagine I’m on the late train raving about Mud Coffee, but man it’s too good. With a fuel-injected-motor-oil consistency and the flavor of deep, dark Turkish Delights, I have finally found my favorite coffee in the U.S. Mind you, I have traveled a bit, and espresso in Italy and Spain is truly awe inspiring, but God bless the little orange Mud Coffee truck and its noble mission. Oh, and someone please open up one of these on the West Coast!

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