Jason Falkner Don’t Mind: Delancey Bar And Pizzeria

falknerlogo2Even though he likes to pick and chose his projects carefully, Jason Falkner has had an amazing run of recording dates—both on solo albums and as a sideman with the likes of Beck, Air and Paul McCartney—that would turn most musicians pea green. And Falkner has also been a crucial part of critically lauded releases by ’90s indie-rock heroes Eric Matthews, the Grays and Jellyfish, as well as getting his feet wet with original Paisley Underground cult combo the Three O’Clock. Falkner has a stellar solo set due out this summer called All Quiet On The Noise Floor that threatens to pass his previous solo release, I’m OK, You’re OK (from February), like a slow runner being lapped on the bases by a real speedburner. Falkner is guest editing magnetmagazine.com all week. Read our Q&A with him and our 2008 Jellyfish feature.


Falkner: The name of Delancey Bar And Pizzeria is misleading. Maybe on purpose, to confuse the many retards in L.A. who infiltrate great spots, because this is far more than a bar/pizzeria. This is my local super-delicious joint where the staff understands how to explain the advanced menu without making you feel inadequate. Super-friendly but also just the right amount of clique-ish-ness. The pizzas are, indeed, delicious, but I crave the brussel sprouts and the penne vodka. I witnessed the construction and subsequent early opening of this place and wondered aloud if it would survive. It has done more than survive and now thrives, and the wise-cracking staff are all friends at this point. One of my fave places in L.A.