Film At 11: The Besnard Lakes

The Kara Blake-directed video for “Albatross” tells the tale of clandestine seduction set to a careening shoegaze pulse. Complementing the narrative present throughout The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night (the second LP released by the Montreal husband-and-wife duo, on Jagjaguwar), “Albatross” unpacks the more human aspects of an otherwise cold and calculating profession, as lonely male and female spies engage cryptic, colorful 8mm film footage in the same desolate metropolitan theater. Whether they’re state-mandated enemies, war-weary soulmates or both, we’ll never know, though it’s these impressionistic strokes that give the Besnard Lakes their strange and beautiful allure. Like the discovery of love in its various forms, “Albatross” chooses not to reveal itself in 1’s and 0’s; rather, its crushing musical finale repudiates the veiled, subdued world the spies inhabit.