MP3 At 3PM: Gift Horse

gifthorse6211Hailing from Athens, Ga., Gift Horse offers an overly distorted, sludge-filled sound that falls somewhere between Alice In Chains and Goblin Cock. Having recently self-released its debut LP, Mountain Of Youth, with MGMT’s Hank Sullivant acting as producer, these Southern gentlemen just finished an East Coast tour with Twin Tigers. For your listening pleasure, we give you two tracks from Mountain Of Youth: “Plastic People” and “Missionaries.” “Plastic People” is nothing short of grimy, with heavily distorted, droning guitars mashed with hollow, almost-half-hearted vocals from Hunter Morris. “Missionaries” dials back the distortion significantly and offers a slightly cleaner sound overall while still basking in the same grungy charm.

“Plastic People” (download):

“Missionaries” (download):

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