Film At 11: Juan MacLean

Hopefully, we’ve all been here at some point: when the stresses of our real lives get eclipsed by an evening so carefree that it’s surreal. When lights, music, conversation, train rides, carpools and the ephemera of the city blur into a single, uninhibited strain, a moment in your life when you can only reflect on what’s to take place in the next five minutes. Such is the promise of the Stephen Smith-directed video for Juan MacLean‘s “Feel So Good,” a new party-house track that debuts on his just-released DJ Kicks mix for !K7. As the stomp of the unrelenting 4/4 beat—programmed by the late-great Jerry Fuchs—gives force to melodic keys and a simple, effective female vocal, a young urban dweller addresses the pulse of his environs with casual, quirky moves, illuminating the premise of the song perfectly.