From The Desk Of OK Go’s Damian Kulash: Spirographs

OKGoThis past winter was an eventful time for OK Go, between the release of third album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, disputes with EMI over its YouTube videos and an eventual split with the label and the creation of Paradacute Records. But even after all the dust settled, the music is still stuck in our heads—because OK Go definitely still has it. Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky brings us little nuggets of unbridled optimism set to catchy pop beats with Damian Kulash’s funky falsetto soaring overhead—and, in typical OK Go fashion, some of the most awesome videos ever made. OK Go is taking time between dates on its worldwide tour supporting the LP in order to guest edit all week. Read our Q&A with Kulash.


Kulash: The Spirograph might be the best toy ever, but it’s really hard to find a good one now. Hasbro owns the name but no longer sells the sturdy, robust sets I knew as a kid. Other companies sell slightly higher quality knock-offs for those not as susceptible to nostalgia as I am, or you can just shell out the $40 or $50 for an old one on eBay. Which is what I recently did, because I have that problem where once I start browsing for something online, my hunter/gatherer instincts kick in and I cannot stop myself from sifting through page upon page of listings until I corner the most riveting find and triumphantly electronically best it, even when I really, really don’t need it. Like for instance a Spirograph set from 1967. Anyway, if you were cursed with a childhood ungraced by the Spirograph, it’s basically a bunch of plastic gears with pen-holding holes in them. As you slide the gears around each other on a piece of paper, you get crazily cool geometric patterns.

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