MP3 At 3PM: Film School

filmschool4215Shoegaze-y and dancey in that “I Melt With You” style made ubiquitous by Modern English in 1982, Film School‘s “Heart Full Of Pentagons” is easily the most accessible song the L.A. band has written over the course of its decade-old career. The song opens Fission, which drops August 31 via FFO Records. Prominently featuring bassist Lorelei Plotczyk on vocals for the first time, Fission is the result of a more collaborative approach to songwriting than previously embraced, one where primary songwriter Greg Bertens was content to “get out of the way” to allow the other members’ ideas an equal seat at the table. Hearing Plotczyk and Bertens harmonize through a warm cloud of reverb while a 4/4 pulse and cascading, fuzzy guitars envelope the air around convinces us that loosening the reigns was definitely the right decision. We’re one summer anthem richer for it.

“Heart Full Of Pentagons” (download):

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