MP3 At 3PM: The Good Wolves

It’s been awhile since heavy rock music was a regular part of the popular conscious. Sure, Queens Of The Stone Age and a select few others have made an impact, some more than others, but the days when Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots charted next to pop starlets and limp-wristed boy bands have sadly gone the way of the buffalo. Perhaps we have Clear Channel and Creed to blame for this? Ah, let’s not open that wound again. No, instead of sitting at home with their dogs and significant others lamenting the loss of dangerous music, drinking beer and getting depressed staring at their Helmet posters, a quintet of music-industry veterans recently came together in Nashville to remake rock music in a modern context. They are aptly named the Good Wolves, and our first glance at their unrelenting aesthetic comes by way of “66fix,” a song that is pitiless from its inception. Its vicious, dual-guitar onslaught fixes against a clockwork rhythm section and assertive melodies recalling the aforementioned bands with an added Motörhead-ian swagger, a marriage of tongue-in-cheek aggression and impressive musicianship that’s refreshing given the unremarkable current state of rock ‘n’ roll. Oh, and don’t miss the deconstructed noise solo at 1:20, which we’re told was entirely improvised in one take. (Let’s see Nickleback and Daughtry pull that off.) “66fix” is the first single from The Good Wolves’ self-released, eponymous EP, which is available now on iTunes and Amazon.

“66fix” (download):

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