Film At 11: Nils Frahm

Hailing from Berlin, Nils Frahm is a young, accomplished composer who rarely seems to rest. Beyond his critically acclaimed solo work, he’s appeared on 15 other albums and compilations along side some of modern classical’s most recognizable names: Peter Broderick, Machinefabriek, Nico Muhly and Ólafur Arnalds, among others. On new single “Unter,” Frahm continues to not only prove his worth amongst such a brilliant group, but the relevance of the genre as a whole. Rarely can an austere piece of music pull one in this quickly, leaving the listener so transfixed as to near-physically crave another movement. “Unter” is barely 90 seconds long and features only the sound of a piano and the lifting of its keys, but it resonates deeply upon contact, recalling a more meditative Dustin O’Halloran. This stand-alone seduction translates to Ralph Etter’s sparse film treatment, as well. Recorded in Frahm’s Berlin flat, Unter | Über will be released as a three-song digital single by Erased Tapes on August 23.

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