Film At 11: The Morning Benders

California’s Morning Benders have had a good year. Since the quartet’s second LP, Big Echo, dropped on Rough Trade in March, they’ve toured with the Black Keys and Broken Bells, been garnered with Pitchfork‘s highly coveted “Best New Music” status, and they’re starting to receive MTV airplay, positioning them amongst the few bands that have been able to appease both indie and pop audiences without inciting warfare between hipsters and tweens. In a sense, the Jack Ferry-directed video for “All Day, All Light” speaks to how busy the young Benders must be in their efforts to keep up with all the positive attention, as they’re seen performing the song through a mock-up of the shifting seasons. Undoubtedly, we’re selling the treatment short—surely the meaning behind “All Day, All Light” is richer than we’ve detailed here—but we couldn’t help but notice the parallel to their relentless, globe-trotting schedule. Catch them on tour this fall with Twin Sister, as well as Cults, Holiday Shores and Oberhofer on select dates.