MP3 At 3PM: The Migrant

Over the past few years, Denmark native Bjarke Bendtsen has made his way around the U.S. with only his guitar and suitcase. His account of the journey is his first album as the Migrant, the self-released Travels In Lowland, which is out September 21. The LP was recorded in a summer house on the coast of Denmark with “hippie Copenhageners.” Bendtsen also cut a second album, Amerika, with Theatre Fire’s James Talambas on horn, piano and kitchenware that’s due to be released next spring. “The Organ Grinder,” from Travels, showcases Bendtsen’s vocal ardor, beginning solely with quiet guitar accompaniment only to turn into a full-blown folk/rock song, with whistling, harmonica and percussion accents.

“The Organ Grinder” (download):