Pete Yorn Is Thinking Of: “The House Of The Devil”

Pete Yorn has been surprisingly prolific of late. Consider that it was three years between his sophomore outing, 2003’s Day I Forgot, and 2006’s bracingly eclectic Nightcrawler, the latter largely restoring the potential of his brazenly accomplished out-of-nowhere debut, 2001’s Musicforthemorningafter. Another three years between releases, and Montville, N.J.’s favorite boho chick magnet suddenly had a lot more to say. Last year saw the release of Back & Fourth, followed by Break Up, a wispy collaboration with Scarlett Johansson inspired by Serge Gainsbourg’s duets with Brigitte Bardot. Now Yorn has ditched his smokin’-hot muse for Frank Black, who encouraged the confessed perfectionist and overdub junky to strip away the studio varnish and rawk out for the new Pete Yorn (Vagrant). Yorn will be guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with him.

Yorn: I like horror movies. I really, really like them. Maybe you didn’t know this about me, but it’s true. The House Of The Devil is one of my recent favorites, and although it kind of flew under the radar when it came out, it’s totally worth seeing. It’s a faithful throwback: It’s got the plot and the look of an old-school early-’80s, low-budget horror flick. Really authentic 1981 feel: grainy freeze-frames, weird score and Volvo station wagons. It says that it’s “based on true events,” but I don’t know about that. I saw that they also released the movie on VHS, which is hilarious. It’s about a babysitter who has to stay in a big scary house all night, and she gets way more than she bargained for. It’s really atmospheric, sort of a slow burn, which is cool. Mary Woronov from the great Rock ‘N’ Roll High School is in it, and so is Tom Noonan, who’s one of the creepiest actors around, in my opinion.

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