MP3 At 3PM: One Hundred Flowers

Harrison Speck’s bedroom recordings of catchy yet lyrically and compositionally complex melodies formed his seven-song Some Summer Falls EP in 2007. The positive reception he received from the Austin music community led him to enlist talented local musicians to adapt the songs into performance pieces for a band, creating One Hundred Flowers in spring 2008. OHF is set to release Mechanical Bride (Stem And Leaf) on November 2, featuring first single “Rat Trap.” With an into similar to DeVotchka’s famous “How It Ends,” the song can only be indie-pop gold. Continuing with a quick drum beat, icy bass chords and a trilling electric guitar, “Rat Trap” sets the mood for an urban evening doused in red wine and 100 of your closest friends.

“Rat Trap” (download):