Birds & Batteries Make MAGNET A Mix Tape

When Birds & Batteries lead singer Michael Sempert was asked to describe the sound of his band’s third-full-length, he simply stated, “Art rock meets Tom Petty.” That explanation, along with the very diverse mix tape Sempert made for us here at MAGNET, may leave you wondering what exactly to expect. Well, Panorama (which was just released on Spune/Velvet Blue Music) lives up to the expectation of having no expectations, incorporating futuristic synth and uplifting melodies into epic jams. The San Francisco quartet is starting a U.S. tour in L.A. on November 26.

“Some Hypnotic Flash” (download):

Cee Lo Green “Fuck You”
Great song. Great video. And what a message. Video

Radiohead “Weird Fishes” (directed by Tobias Stretch)
I discovered Tobias’ videos through another video he did for Efterklang. He is a mad genius, and this song is, of course, quiet beautiful. Video

Tame Impala “Lucidity” (directed by Robert Hale)
Beatles-esque in all the right places. I like the simple concept of this video: Send a camera up to space attached to a balloon and see what happens. Enjoy. Video

Blockhead “The Music Scene” (directed by Anthony Francisco Schepperd)
This song is pretty dope, let’s face it. That snare drum? Forget about it. Actually, I discovered the song through the video, random click. The animation is completely stunning, and conceptually it’s all there. Video

Snowblink “Ambergris” (directed by Terri Loewenthal)
Daniela is an amazing singer and songwriter. I played pedal steel for Snowblink in its S.F. incarnation years back, and she was kind enough to sing on “I’ll Never Sleep Again.” This video was directed by the wonderful and talented Terri, who I’ll be making a video with very soon! Video

Here We Go Magic “Collector”
Such an impressive band and fun music. The song is kinetic enough that the video doesn’t have to be, just interesting lighting and composition. It does get a little cray-cray toward the end but … Mike Bloch, are you out there? Hey man. Video

Björk “Joga”
A gorgeous song with epic imagery to match. I remember when I first saw this video in high school. It made a big impression on me then, especially when that bass line kicks in. Satisfying. Video

El Guincho “Bombay”
This is a very creative and sexy video. Each shot is beautiful and weird, and it takes me to a warm, happy place in los cosmos. Video

The Books “A Cold Freezin’ Night” (directed by the Books)
I really like the new Books record, and this is my favorite song on there. The video changes the song for me a bit; there’s a little less fun and a little more panic. But still, rad music, crazy video. Video

David Bowie Featuring Nine Inch Nails “I’m Afraid of Americans”
I’m a fan of both Bowie and Trent Reznor and love this collaboration for all its subversive truth and a certain international perspective. The video is pretty hilarious, basically Reznor chasing Bowie around New York. What more do you need? Video

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