MP3 At 3PM: Carol Bui

Tacoma, Wash.’s Carol Bui took up the drums and Middle Eastern dance since releasing sophomore LP Everyone Wore White in 2007, and both interests have influenced her new album, Red Ship, which is out March 8 on her Ex Oh label. Bui provided the percussion on all nine of the LP’s tracks, which definitely have a Middle Eastern feel, in addition to playing a number of other instruments as well. Like her previous work, Red Ship was produced at Arlington, Va.’s famed Inner Ear Studios by T.J. Lipple (Aloha), who was no longer responsible for playing the drums thanks to Bui’s new hobby. Bui and band will be touring after Red Ship hits stores, but in the meantime, download album tracks “Mira: You’re Free With Me” and “‘Geisha’ Means ‘Open-Minded’” below.

“Mira: You’re Free With Me” (download):

“‘Geisha’ Means ‘Open-Minded'” (download):