MP3 At 3PM: Keegan DeWitt

The eyes of the mainstream music world have in recent weeks been transfixed on Nashville due to country trio Lady Antebellum’s near-sweep of all the major categories at the 2011 Grammys. And while the awards were mostly deserved—all obvious Alan Parsons Project references aside, “Need You Now” is a fine-enough tune—the attention it heaps on Music City has the adverse effect of strengthening the idea that the only artists worthy of hearing down that way are country. But as we’ve said here, here and here, this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Another case-in-point is Keegan DeWitt, who made us shuffle our shoes last year with “Say-La-La” and then again with “Two Hearts.” Aside from penning thoughtful pop music that runs against the Nashville grain, however, DeWitt is equally impressive as a film composer. His moving score for Aaron Katz’s Cold Weather, recently chosen as a New York Times “Critics’ Pick,” makes this perfectly clear. Want to hear it for free? Great. DeWitt wants to give you the entire two-disc set for the cost of an email address. Or, if you want to try before you “buy,” grab the lovely “End Credits” for free below.

“End Credits” (download):